Roslyn Huber


Roslyn Huber


Human Kinetics

Health and Exercise Sciences

Health and Social Development

Okanagan (Kelowna, BC)

Bachelor of Human Kinetics (2013)

Kelowna, BC

“Live it up. Do it big. Bigger than that. Go!”



Photos by Darren Hull and courtesy of UBC Okanagan Heat

Roslyn’s Story

A higher education in health and exercise sciences led basketball star Roslyn Huber toward a career in fitness training

ROSLYN HUBER’S WORDS ECHOED ACROSS Kelowna’s downtown marina as she shared insights with 800 soon-to-be high-school graduates embarking on their next steps.

Why Human Kinetics? No stranger to healthy habits, Huber wanted to stress that the routines we form can determine our success. And that failure is necessary.

“I told them to keep failing at the things they love,” she says.

Knowing from personal experience that the road isn’t always straight, the accomplished trainer recalls her brave transition when she chose to give up full-time job security to pursue her passion for professional fitness training. “Everything seemed to fall into place when I trusted myself,” she says.

For the students, it was their opportunity to hear a speaker of their choice; for Huber, it was an opportunity to give back to her old school, Rutland Senior Secondary.

“It was a very special night.”

It wasn’t the first or last time Huber would be asked to share her empowering message.


Huber’s regular community presentations as a guest speaker inspire resiliency and a passion to do what you love. You find this thread throughout her life.

Her reputation as a leader, on and off the court, is defined by her record-breaking career with UBC Okanagan Heat Athletics.

Huber played almost every game of her career with the Heat Women’s Basketball team, where she became the highest scorer with a career total of 899 points.

This UBC alumna and former b-ball co-captain is known for her dedication and drive, which is reflected in a considerable list of accreditations.S-Roz-Huber

Following her graduation from UBC Okanagan’s Human Kinetics program, Huber participated in Level 1 Moksha/Modo Teacher Training, and became a Certified Personal Trainer through CSEP. Her driving force: A passion for helping people create happier and healthier lives.

“I appreciate the opportunity to share my passion with my clients, day in and day out,” says Huber of her present role as a fitness professional at New Wave Fitness.

Huber appreciates the foundation she built with her Human Kinetics degree, and credits the people and the program for leading her to a career in fitness training.


“The Human Kinetics program organizers are striving to make the university experience better, and improve the courses they offer.”

Huber notes that the people she met at UBC Okanagan made all the difference—her mentors, in and out of the classroom, were instrumental.

“Professors Jen Jakobi and Mary Jung really believed in me as someone who can make a big difference in people’s lives.”

“Heather Semeniuk helped me be not only a better player, but a better person,” Huber says of her relationship with longstanding and recently retired women’s basketball coach.

Formerly the mentee, now the mentor, Huber dedicated her time to coaching young women in the Junior Heat Elite Basketball Club. And she recently became a Lululemon community ambassador in Kelowna, where her influence is spreading in the fitness community.

Huber has undeniable passion for helping people pursue their goals.

In her own words: “Live it up. Do it big. Bigger than that. Go!”

—by Allyssa Costerton-Grant